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TechTool Deluxe, as part of an AppleCare Protection Plan (APP), now Universal Binary
See News article dated July 29, 2006

"You cannot install Mac OS X on this volume..." alert in Installer
You may see the above alert in Installer and be unable to select the disk for installation if you're trying to install Mac OS X on a hard disk that you've connected to your Intel-based Mac.

Safari, Intel-based Macs: Internet plug-in not installed alert or blank page when loading plug-in content
This may arise when Safari is using plug-ins that are not Universal binary.

USB and FireWire Quick Assist

Power Up Quick Assist

Useful sites for troubleshooting Mac problems

iPod and iTunes related

iPod Support Page
Here you'll find useful information to help you walk through your iPod woes. You'll also be able
request a service for your iPod and check if it's still under warranty.

How to recreate your iTunes Library

Accurately determine your iPod battery life

iPod isn't responding—it appears to be frozen

iPod troubleshooting basics and service FAQ

Warranty and service related

Battery Exchange Programs

iBook G4 12-inch and PowerBook G4 12-inch and 15-inch (2006 Sony):
Also, see

MacBook Pro 15-inch:
iBook G4 12-inch and PowerBook G4 12-inch and 15-inch (2005 LG Chem):

How to I find the serial number?

Is my Mac or iPod still under warranty?
Go to
this page and enter your serial number in the field under "About Your Support Coverage".

Where can I get my Mac or iPod serviced?
While we offer this primarily to The University of Sydney departments, we may also be able to look after your Mac too.
See here. For iPods however, see above link for a more direct route.

My iPod screen's cracked, is it covered under warranty?
Short answer: No. There seems to be at least one local outfit however that would be able to repair just the screen without having you throwing the iPod out. Information provided as is - we don't have any dealings with them:
0412 100 900

PowerBook G4 Memory Slot (15-inch)
Some PowerBooks have issues with their lower memory slot. Find out more

iMac G5 (Video and Power Issues)
Applies to first generation iMac G5 computers that have video or power-related issues as a result of a specific component failure. Find out more