Information regarding purchasing and leasing for Sydney University departments
Please refer to the relevant University Procurement Policy here:

Please contact us should you require any further assistance.

Purchase Orders
Please contact us for a written quote if required. Computer (Mac) orders placed with Apple Computer Australia should go via Central Purchasing (Peoplesoft). Please
contact us should you require any assistance.

The information required include:
  • Item Description and pricing
  • Purchase order number
  • Courier delivery address*
  • Contact name
  • Contact phone number

Delivery address must be accessible during office hours. Please ensure the address is valid to avoid unnecessary delays. Apple's ordering system accepts the following address inputs:
Name: up to 35 characters
Address: two lines, each up to 25 characters, excluding Suburb, State and Post Code

Corporate Cards (subject to relevant procurement policy above)
University Corporate/Credit/Visa card

Apple does not accept payment by credit card after the goods have been invoiced.

Apple only accepts payment by credit card provided the details are included with the order. You cannot pay by credit card if you want to be invoiced first. Invoiced orders however may be paid by cheque or direct deposit.

For Corporate card purchases, please include the following information:
Purchase order (reference) number
  • Credit card number, expiry date and name on the card

  • Note: Apple does not charge your Corporate Card until the goods are invoiced. There will be a pre-authorisation block on the total ordered amount, but no financial transaction will occur until the goods are invoiced. Please ensure there are sufficient funds available at the time of your order to avoid unnecessary delays.

    Leasing (Alleasing)
    Please refer to the Procurement Policy link above.

    Order enquiries and Invoice requests
    Please note we will only be able to offer general ETA (expected time of arrival) information for Apple orders. We are however able to assist with order amendments where available, as well as delivery enquiries.

    We are able to provide copies of invoices including serial numbers where applicable provided the Apple orders were placed directly with Campus IT or via Central Purchasing. Please provide us with your Purchase order number or invoice date.

    If your Corporate Card has been charged, please provide us with the amount and date charged appearing on your statement. Where possible, we will be able to fax or e-mail you a copy of the invoice.

    Please provide your contact details to:
    Order queries

    The information provided on this page will be updated often. Please let us know if there are any link errors.